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Gourmet Herbs

Van Drunen Farms, our sister company, is a grower and primary processor of culinary, all-natural and functional food ingredients. Each product is carefully monitored from seed to shipping to ensure the finest ingredients possible.

Growers Quality begins from the ground up. That is why Van Drunen Farms uses the finest seed and cultivation techniques for our crops—1,200 acres of farm land, 500 organic and 700 conventional. Products are monitored during growth, harvest and processing, and are tested to meet stringent specifications. Van Drunen Farms is also the largest supplier of organically grown culinary herbs in the country.

Processors Even with an extended product line that includes multiple fruits, vegetables, herbs and other specialty items, and with numerous processing options to choose from, Van Drunen Farms produces premium ingredients that are consistent, wholesome and functional. From its beginning as a small herb farm, Van Drunen Farms has grown into one of the largest suppliers of freeze-dried, drum-dried, low-moisture and IQF specialty products in the country.

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