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FutureCeuticals Direct Reward Points


FutureCeuticals Direct customers are incredibly loyal. They often refer friends and family to the products that have changed their health for the better. Through the rewards program, FutureCeuticals Direct is able to thank customers for their support. As a token of appreciation, Reward Points are given when customers buy any item on the site or when they refer friends and family, who then purchase on the site. 

It is a great honor that customers share FutureCeuticals Direct as their trusted source for innovative supplements and function food products. Perhaps even more praise worthy is the frequencey at which customers refer loved ones. We appreciate that you like to tell your friends and family about the great results you have with our products.  Reward Points are our way of saying thank you.

Earning Points is Easy

 Earn 1 point for every $1 spent on the site

 Earn 100 points for referred friends and family

Referred friends and family earn 50 points

10 points = $1 off the next purchase


Referrals Have Never Been Easier

Log into "My Account" at the top of the page

Go to the "Referred Friends" Section (on the bottom left hand side inside "My Account") 

Click "Referred Friends" to see all the available ways to get receive Rewards Points for sharing the website.

Perhaps the simplest way to share FutureCeuticals Direct is through email as shown in the image below.


Other simple ways to share FutureCeuticals Direct are through Facebook, Twitter or any of the 328 Social sites via "AddThis". Additionally, customers can share their unique Reward Points link with friends and family on their own website, blogs, or anywhere. There are no limits to how customers can share the site and earn Rewards Points.


Redeeming Rewards Points

Redeeming Rewards Points is even easier than earning them.  When ready to check out, simply click on "Apply Points" and accumulated points will automatically place a discount on the order total and be deducted from your account.


Questions about FutureCeuticals Direct Reward Points program? Please feel free to contact Customer Support at 800-862-0438 or by clicking here.

FutureCeuticals Direct thanks all customers for their continued support and loyalty!