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Organic Greens Smoothie Powder™ - 30 servings - 2 can promotion + Exercise Band and DVD

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Quick Overview

Fuel Health Resolution Success

It can be difficult to keep resolutions a top priority as the year goes on. Whole foods and exercise are key to any successful health resolution but making them a permanent part of the daily routine can be a challenge. The Resolution Success Kit is designed to make it easy and convenient to get whole foods and exercise anytime... anywhere. The Organic Greens Smoothie Powder™ and resistance tube can travel with you to the office, on vacation or anywhere else you go.

Throughout January receive 2 cans of Organic Greens Smoothie Powder at the special price of $60 and enjoy the free Resistance Training DVD with exercise tube and door attachment. All of this ships for free if you order before the end of the month.

Ingredients: 40 Fruits, Vegetables and Sprouts + Organic Prebiotic with Live Active Probiotic Cultures
Bonus: Exercise DVD, Resistance Tube and Door Attachment
Net Weight: 300g (10.6oz)
Servings/Can: 30
# of Cans: 2

Organic Greens Smoothie Powder™ - 30 servings - 2 can promotion + Exercise Band and DVD

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  • Resistance Band, DVD + door attachment


Over 40 Fruits, Vegetables, Sprouts and Probiotics in One Scoop
A variety of fruits and vegetables is the key to a healthy diet but it can be tough to get all the servings needed for optimal health. Organic Greens Smoothie Powder is a convenient addition to a busy day.

Organic Greens Smoothie Powder gives access to a rainbow of deep colored berries and vibrant vegetables. Plus it is loaded with digestive health activators like fiber, prebiotic, probiotics, and detoxifying greens. All these colors come from the rich phytonutrients which are believed to be the secret behind fruits and vegetables ability to promote better health. Everyone needs improved nutrition, but many find it hard to eat a diet of real whole foods. Organic Greens Smoothie Powder can help!

Organic Greens Smoothie Powder Makes Up The Nutrient Essence of a Fruit and Veggie Rainbow, Jam-Packed with Powerful Greens.

Plus, Organic Greens Smoothie Powder is:
- Whole Food
- Non-GMO
- Free of Artificial Colors
- Free of Artificial Sweeteners

Strength Training DVD and Exercise Tube
The Exercise Band Instructional DVD gives you the flexibility to get a full body workout anytime, anywhere. Mark Stagg, exercise physiologist with over 20 years experience, walks you through 3- 30 minute exercise tube routines that will help strengthen the various muscle groups of the body. The workouts are designed for beginner to intermediate users with modifications that will help customize the routine for various levels of fitness. The door attachment allows for additional modifications to improve versatility.

Using Organic Greens Smoothie Powder
Add 1 scoop into a drink or smoothie 1-3 times per day. Organic Greens Smoothie Powder is a great way to a healthier day!

What to Expect from Organic Greens Smoothie Powder
Since whole foods can do many amazing things in the body, it is hard to say the extent to how each person will experience benefits. Many people feel more energy and clarity from whole foods and greens blends. These foods can also lead to gentle detoxification. Some people may experience detox symptoms such as: fatigue, irritability, gas and bloating. If detox symptoms are experienced, start with a smaller amount and build up to a full scoop per serving. Drinking plenty of water and consuming adequate fiber makes these symptoms pass more quickly.  These symptoms usually go away within 24 hours after discontinuing the product.

Those who have not used a green powder mix before may find the taste somewhat strong. Organic Greens Smoothie Powder has a much milder flavor compared to most greens products as it is the perfect balance of greens and fruits. Recipes are provided with each order to make experiencing a green drink even more enjoyable.


Can Organic Greens Smoothie Powder™ take the place of my Nutrim®?

Even though Nutrim is the first ingredient in Organic Greens Smoothie Powder, there is not enough in the product to equal a full serving of Nutrim. Also, it contains organic Nutrim, which has less ß-glucans than conventional Nutrim. One serving of Organic Greens Smoothie Powder will equal about one quarter serving of Nutrim. Organic Greens Smoothie Powder does mix well with Nutrim and they make a great pair in smoothies.

How many servings of fruits and vegetables are in Organic Greens Smoothie Powder™?

We believe it is most helpful to think of one scoop of Organic Greens Smoothie Powder as one serving of fruits and vegetables. We do not want Organic Greens Smoothie Powder to be thought of as a replacement for fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Use Organic Greens Smoothie Powder to boost current fruit and vegetable consumption while adding a variety of phytonutrients from some of the most nutrient dense foods available.

Can children take the Organic Greens Smoothie Powder™?

Yes. Smaller children can take one half serving of Organic Greens Smoothie Powder while older children can take a full serving.

Do I have to use Organic Greens Smoothie Powder™ only in smoothies?

Organic Greens Smoothie Powder works well in smoothies but can be mixed into any beverage, yogurt or apple sauce.

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