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Nutrim® Oat Beta Glucan 120 Servings

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Quick Overview

Nutrim® 120 serving canister. It is ideal for those who want to:

- Take Nutrim® up to 8x per day
- Incorporate into Home Cooking
- Use as a Fat Replacer

*Oat ß-Glucans help lower cholesterol naturally as part of a heart healthy diet. Studies show that 3 grams of soluble fiber daily from oat bran, in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. Nutrim® provides .75g per serving. Results are exceptional. Since everyone is different, results will vary.

Net Weight: 900g (31.7oz)
Servings: 120

Nutrim Oat Beta Glucan 120 Serving (900g) 2-month supply Canister

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  • Nutrim Oat Beta Glucan 120 Serving (900g) 2-month supply Canister
  • Nutrim Oat Beta Glucan 120 Serving (900g) 2-month supply Nutrition Facts


Advance to Nutrim® 120 serving canister to accelerate success!
Looking to boost or accelerate the effects of Nutrim®? Than the 120 serving canister is the ideal solution. It is perfect for advanced users looking to maximize the benefits Nutrim® can offer for cholesterol, blood sugar, digestive health, weight management and immune health. Nutrim® has shown to be without side effects even at levels of 8 scoops per day®.

Plus, Nutrim® 120 serving can is also great for those that use Nutrim® in their favorite recipes.

Some users may not realize, but Nutrim® was developed as a fat re-placer by Dr. Inglett at the USDA. This means it can substitute out some of the fat normally added to a recipe. Nutrim® gives recipes that same creaminess without all the fat. It can also give recipes a fiber boost without compromising the texture.

Never used Nutrim® in a recipe? It is easy to get started! FutureCeuticals Direct is happy to share recipes and tips. Find healthy Nutrim® recipes - click here.

New to Nutrim®? Read on to learn more about this incredibly versatile product!

Using Nutrim®
Mix Nutrim® with a favorite beverage, such as orange juice or milk, twice daily. Nutrim® is easy to mix. Plus, it adds a lush creaminess to any beverage without affecting the taste.

In addition, Nutrim® is easy to add to nearly any food. See the “Adding Nutrim® to Any Diet” section below for further detail.
Simple Use: 1 scoop in the morning and in the evening (2 scoops daily). Mix into water, skim milk, juice or food.

How Nutrim® Works
Decades of research shows oat ß-glucans lower cholesterol naturally.1*Nutrim® optimizes this powerful oat component, making it easy to incorporate into the diet. The natural process by which Nutrim® is made gently frees oat ß-glucans from the oat bran's tough exterior, making them more readily available to the body.

Research finds oat ß-glucans, like those in Nutrim®, work via four mechanisms:

1 - Oat ß-glucans are believed to lower cholesterol naturally by working with the body's natural mechanism of scavenging cholesterol. The body has a “built-in” ability to flush out excess cholesterol through bile that is produced by the liver. However, a large amount of the bile can be reabsorbed. Oat ß-glucans have a natural affinity to bind with bile and therefore helps escort it out of the body.

2 - Oat ß-glucans have the ability to bind to cholesterol in foods that have been eaten, thereby escorting some cholesterol out of the body before it can be absorbed.

3 - Oat ß-glucans bind to some saturated fats and trans-fats in food and help to flush these fats out before they can be absorbed. Saturated fat and trans-fat are associated with elevated cholesterol levels.

4 - Oat ß-glucans are transformed into substances that block cholesterol production in the liver. In the presence of Nutrim®, good bacteria produce these substances. When enough of these substances are transported to the liver they block cholesterol production.

Adding Nutrim® to Any Diet
As a healthy, safe accompaniment to any diet, Nutrim® provides an easy way to get the oat soluble fiber recommended by the National Cholesterol Education Program and the American Heart Association.

As a fine powder designed to readily mix with food, Nutrim® can be added to nearly any meal or drink. This makes it easy to get the healthy benefits of oat ß-glucans with nearly any meal.

Nutrim® is a Versatile Ingredient:
- Mix into morning latte, milk or juice
- Add to a favorite protein shake or smoothie
- Stir into hot soups or cereal
- Add creaminess and thicken stews, sauces and gravy
- Substitute part of the flour while baking

FutureCeuticals Direct provides easy ways to get started in every order.

Nutrim® Qualifies for the FDA Heart Health Claim
With 750mg of oat ß-glucans per serving, Nutrim® qualifies for the FDA Heart Health Claim for oats.1*Many dietary supplements intended to lower cholesterol do not qualify for the claim because they are processed with chemicals or enzymes. Nutrim® is unique. It is processed naturally and contains no added synthetic chemicals.

Nutrim® is Safe
Nutrim® poses no safety concerns, unless an oat allergy is present. In fact, Nutrim® is safe for vegans, diabetics, and the lactose intolerant. However, since Nutrim® is fiber-rich, those currently on a low fiber diet may experience some gas and bloating during the initial adjustment to the recommended amount of fiber. If gas or bloating occurs, start with smaller amounts and work towards 2 scoops a day.

- 100% Natural
- Non-GMO
- No Fillers, Binders, or Sweeteners Added
- Clinically Proven Safe and Effective at Up to 8 Scoops Per Day

The Nutrim® Difference
In the late 1990’s, Dr. George Inglett, scientist at the USDA, set out to make oats and oat bran a healthy fat replacer and easier to incorporate into the diet. The result is the Trim® process, a USDA-patented technology licensed exclusively to FutureCeuticals, Inc.
The Trim® process breaks down the tough exterior of oat cells, gently freeing the oat ß-glucans for easier use by the body. The technique also makes Nutrim® extremely easy to use in foods and beverages because the resulting powder blends so well. Nutrim® adds a creamy texture to food, without all the fat.

Additional Health Benefits
Nutrim® offers benefits for the whole body including healthy weight management, digestive health, and immune support. 

Oat ß-Glucans Improve Weight Management
Oat ß-glucans are a special type of fiber because they can help slow the emptying of food from the stomach. This not only helps with the feeling of fullness but is believed to be one of the reasons why oat ß-glucans have been found to be beneficial for blood sugar balance. Additionally, Oat ß-glucans can bind to some of the calories you eat and carry them out of the body before they are even absorbed. Fiber is also helpful for cleansing the body which is important during any weight loss program.

Oat ß-Glucans and Blood Sugar Balance
Research shows oat ß-glucans to be beneficial for blood sugar balance. They have been shown to reduce blood sugar levels and insulin responses after a meal.

Oat ß-glucans benefits for blood sugar levels are believed to come from its ability to slow the release of food from the stomach. Another possible mechanisms is that oat ß-glucans may prevent digestion and absorption of some of the carbohydrates that are ingested.

Oat ß-glucans Support Digestive and Immune Health
Oat ß-glucans act as a prebiotic, helping to facilitate the growth of good bacteria (probiotics). Good bacteria are very important for our overall health as they support the body by:
- Breaking down and activating certain nutrients during digestion
- Creating necessary nutrients for the body
- Improving immune function
- Fighting off harmful microbes such as candida and infectious bacteria
- Supplying fuel to the cells that line the intestines

Good bacteria play an important part in immune health, as well as digestive health. Research confirms that Nutrim® simulates the growth of specific strains of probiotics.

1. Othman, Rgia A., Mohammed H. Moghadasian, and Peter JH Jones. "Cholesterol-lowering effects of oat β-glucan." Nutrition reviews 69.6 (2011): 299-309.

*Oat ß-Glucans help lower cholesterol naturally as part of a heart healthy diet. Studies show that 3 grams of soluble fiber daily from oat bran, in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. Nutrim® provides 0.75g per serving. Results are exceptional. Since everyone is different, results will vary.

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