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Welcome FoundationMed and Dr. Citron Patients

Dr. Citron

Welcome FoundationMed patients! You have been directed to FutureCeuticals Direct, the source for Nutrim® and other innovative and effective nutritional products.

FoundationMed patients receive highly personalized care from practitioners who desire to offer only the highest quality nutritional supplements and products. That is why FoundationMed has partnered with FutureCeutical Direct, ensuring patients receive the best price possible on innovative and effective nutritional products, like Nutrim®, direct from the manufacturer.

This partnership allows FoundationMed patients access to an additional 10% savings on all FutureCeuticals Direct effective products.

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FutureCeuticals Direct's popular heart health product:


Nutrim® is the 100% natural oat ß-glucan super-food developed and patented by the USDA. Nutrim® delivers high levels of oat ß-glucans, the most studied portion of oats for lowering cholesterol naturally. Nutrim®'s unique processing breaks tough oat cell walls and unleashes oat ß-glucans, making them more available to the body, and simple to add to any meal.  It's easy to maintain heart healthy habits when Nutrim is in the mix! Using Nutrim® is simple! Just stir 1 scoop into 8 oz. of a favorite beverage or just about any food. It adds a creamy texture to orange juice and even makes smoothies smoother.  To learn more visit nutrim.futureceuitcalsdirect.com


- 750 mg Oat-ß-glucans Per Serving
- 100% Natural and Safe
- USDA Developed
- Clinically Studied
- Qualifies for the FDA Heart Health Claim

*Soluble fiber from foods such as Nutrim®, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce risk of heart disease because of its cholesterol lowering effects. One serving of Nutrim® provides 750mg of the oat ß-glucan fiber necessary per day to have this effect.